Sample Kit


Our sample kit contains one roll of each of the following:

  • SP-62 3″x60yds General Purpose Masking Tape
  • SP-56 3″x60yds Premium Polyethylene Screen Block Tape
  • SP-58 3″x60yds Polyethylene Screen Block Tape
  • SP-14 3″x60yds Aluminum Frame Tape
  • SP-16 3″x60yds Heavy Duty Aluminum Frame Tape
  • SP-44 3″x60yds Zone Frame Tape
  • SP-92 2″x10yds Premium Screenprinter’s Duct Tape
  • SP-92 3″x10yds Premium Screenprinter’s Duct Tape
  • 3″ Multi-Roll Desk Top Tape Dispenser


Add-ons total: